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Unlock Your True Potential with Elemental Empowerment

Dive into Elemental Empowerment and emerge with the power to redefine your reality. This course is your gateway to overcoming barriers and embracing the fullest expression of your being. Here’s what transformation awaits:

  • Want to Be Unapologetically You? Break free from societal chains and embrace your unique self without fear or reservation.

  • Struggling to Set Boundaries? Master the art of establishing clear boundaries that protect your peace and prioritize your wellbeing.

  • Need Calm in the Chaos? Discover techniques to soothe and stabilize your nervous system, even in the midst of turmoil.

  • Longing to Use Your Voice? Find the courage to speak your truth, knowing your voice is powerful and deserving of being heard.

  • Seeking Safety and Accommodations? Learn to advocate for your right to safety and the support you need, without compromise.

  • Interested in Vagus Nerve Health? Explore methods to engage your vagus nerve, promoting relaxation and a sense of inner peace.

  • Desire Deeper Connections? Enhance your communication skills for more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

  • Feeling Disconnected from the Universe? Strengthen your cosmic connection, integrating universal wisdom into your daily life for a richer, more aligned existence.

  • Looking for Inner Harmony? Achieve a balance among your inner elements, aligning your energy with the elemental forces for clarity and tranquility.

Elemental Empowerment isn’t just a course; it’s an invitation to transform, to boldly claim the life you deserve, and to step into a world where you are free to be whoever the fuck you want to be. Are you ready to begin?


Elemental Empowerment

Unlock Your Potential with Starlight Synergy School.

Shift from feeling lost and disconnected to fully embracing your inner strength and wisdom in just 8 weeks — without overwhelm or confusion.


Unlock the Secrets of Nature to Revolutionize Your Personal Growth

You were made for more than confusion, stagnation, and disconnection, friend.

Embark on an 8-week transformative journey with Elemental Empowerment, a course meticulously designed to harmonize the scientific with the spiritual.

Each week, delve into a specific element symbolizing crucial aspects of personal development, blending practical strategies with holistic practices.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You feel lost in your personal growth journey, wishing for a clear and meaningful path forward.
  • You're ready for an easier way to achieve self-empowerment — one that resonates with both mind and spirit.
  • You want to feel deeply connected to yourself and the world around you, and you've waited long enough.

Elemental Empowerment Alchemy is your gateway to a life of profound transformation and enlightenment.

Imagine how incredible it’s gonna feel when you wake up every morning feeling grounded, confident, and aligned with your purpose. Your days are filled with moments of deep connection, growth, and joy. You go to bed each night feeling fulfilled and excited for what the next day brings.

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It’s not your fault you don’t have this yet. Here’s why:

  • Myth #1: Personal growth is a solo and difficult journey — you need a community and a structured, holistic approach.
  • Myth #2: Quick fixes can lead to lasting change — deep transformation requires time and integration of elemental wisdom.
  • Myth #3: You must choose between scientific and spiritual paths — the most profound growth occurs when these paths converge.

I’ve been exactly where you are, feeling disconnected and unsure of my path. I tried everything from self-help books to workshops, but nothing seemed to stick.

Then, I discovered the ancient wisdom of the elements. By integrating this with modern psychology and personal development practices, I not only transformed my life but have since guided countless others to do the same.

Introducing Elemental Empowerment Alchemy: the ultimate course for those who seek to harmonize their inner world with the elemental forces of nature, achieving unparalleled growth and connection.

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Here’s why this is different than anything else out there:

  • We blend the mystical with the practical, providing a unique and powerful framework for transformation. Our methodology is rooted in ancient wisdom and backed by modern practices, making this journey truly one-of-a-kind.

    Imagine, in just 8 weeks, you'll experience:

    • Deep self-awareness and groundedness, like never before.
    • Emotional resilience and fluidity, embracing life's ups and downs with grace.
    • A rekindled passion for your goals and dreams.
    • Clear and authentic communication, enhancing your relationships.
    • A life of balance, harmony, and deep connection.

You're stepping into a life of clarity, purpose, and connection.

No more feeling lost. 


Here’s how we’ll get there together:

  • Over 16 hours of transformative video content.
  • Comprehensive PDF guides and worksheets for each module.
  • Exclusive access to meditation audio tracks for grounding, clarity, and empowerment.
  • A supportive community that fosters growth and connection.


You’re gonna learn:

Module 1: Foundation of Self - Carbon

Discover the bedrock of your personal growth as you explore the core values and strengths that define your unique essence, akin to carbon's fundamental role in life forms.

Module 2: Fluidity of Emotions - Water

Dive into the depths of your emotions, embracing their fluid nature and learning to navigate their ebbs and flows. Participate in emotional intelligence workshops.

Module 3: Transformation & Growth - Oxygen

Breathe life into your personal transformation and growth with the life-giving properties of oxygen. Enhance mindfulness through breathwork sessions.

Module 4: Igniting Passion - Fire

Ignite the fiery energy within you to fuel your ambitions and goals. Discover your passions and purpose, engage in fire element meditation. 

Module 5: Communication & Expression - Air

Harness the power of air for clear communication and authentic self-expression. Develop your communication skills, balance your throat chakra through targeted practices.

Module 6: Structure & Discipline - Earth

Draw from the stability and richness of the earth to build a structured and disciplined approach to life. Learn time management techniques, establish empowering daily rituals and routines. 

Module 7: Connectivity & Relationships - Hydrogen

Like hydrogen bonds connect molecules, focus on building and nurturing meaningful relationships. Engage in relationship-building exercises, develop empathy.

Module 8: Integration & Harmony - Ether

Integrate the elements and the insights gained through the course to achieve a state of harmony and balance. Design a holistic lifestyle, create a personal action plan.

With a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University, I delved deep into the scientific world, only to realize that true healing requires a balance of mind, body, and spirit. Certified in holistic health coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), TIME techniques, REIKI level 1, breath Work, and life and group coaching, I've explored and integrated various modalities to not just survive but thrive amidst life's complexities.

My journey wasn't straightforward. 


Introducing our Celestial Guides:

In a world eager for genuine transformation and connection, Elemental Empowerment Alchemy emerges as a beacon of light, guiding you through a unique journey of self-discovery and empowerment. My path, marked by the challenges of being autistic, managing ADHD, PMDD, PTSD, and conversion disorder, has taught me the power of resilience and the profound impact of holistic healing practices. With a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University and certifications in holistic health coaching, NLP, EFT, TIME techniques, Reiki Level 1, breathwork, and life and group coaching, I've traversed both the scientific and spiritual realms to discover true healing and empowerment.

But my journey hasn’t been a solitary one. Along the way, I've been guided by an array of celestial guides, each a master in their own realm of expertise. Their wisdom has been a lighthouse, illuminating the path to deeper understanding and growth. And now, I'm thrilled to share their guidance with you.

Shakti Rios

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) / Human Design Expert

Expertise: Shakti specializes in EFT, a psychological acupressure technique to help manage stress and emotional imbalances, and Human Design, a system combining astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakra system to help individuals understand their unique nature.

Program Integration: Shakti will be instrumental in the Elemental Empowerment Alchemy and NeuroNirvana programs, particularly in sessions focused on managing emotions, stress resilience, and understanding one's intrinsic design for personal and professional relationships.

Learn More About Shakti HERE

Veslemoy Moberg

Mind-Body Connection Coach

Expertise: Veslemoy specializes in techniques that enhance the connection between mental and physical health, utilizing movement, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

Program Integration: Veslemoy's expertise will be integral to the Elemental Empowerment Alchemy and NeuroNirvana, particularly in sessions that focus on holistic lifestyle design and cognitive and emotional integration.

Learn More About Veslemoy HERE

Kelly Noble

Manifestation Expert

Expertise: Kelly focuses on the laws of attraction and abundance, teaching how mindset, energy, and practical strategies can align to manifest personal and financial growth.

Program Integration: Kelly's insights will be valuable in the Elemental Empowerment Alchemy during the "Igniting Passion - Fire" week and in the Cosmic Consciousness Catalyst, helping participants to set intentions and manifest their goals.

Learn More About Kelly HERE

Miranda McDaniel

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Specialist 

Miranda provides guidance on creating inclusive spaces, understanding cultural dynamics, and fostering a sense of belonging and equity.

Miranda will offer workshops and sessions across all programs to ensure the school's environment is inclusive, respectful, and nurturing for individuals from all walks of life.

Learn More About Miranda HERE

Langdon Lytle

Chef / Fermentation Specialist

Expertise: Langdon combines culinary skills with an understanding of fermentation to create nourishing, probiotic-rich foods that support gut health and overall wellness.

Langdon will conduct workshops and provide recipes during the NeuroNirvana program, especially in the weeks focused on gut-brain axis and nutritional guides for brain health.

Learn More About Langdon HERE

Camille Williams

Self-Love Advocate

Expertise: Camille focuses on practices and philosophies that foster self-acceptance, self-care, and personal empowerment.

Program Integration: Camille's teachings will be woven into all programs, especially in sessions that focus on self-awareness, personal growth, and integrating and harmonizing the various elements of one's life.

Learn More About Camille HERE

Lauren Little

Breath Work Facilitator and Expander

Expertise: Lauren is an expert in various breathwork techniques designed to improve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, enhancing mindfulness, and reducing stress.

Program Integration: Lauren's sessions will be a key component in the NeuroNirvana program, especially in weeks focusing on mindfulness mastery and stress resilience.

Learn More About Lauren HERE

Em Shen

Voice and Meditations Guide


Program Integration: Em Shen's voice and guided meditations will be a core part of the Cosmic Consciousness Catalyst, aiding in the exploration of the cosmos and the self, and in the NeuroNirvana's sessions focusing on mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Learn More About Em HERE

Dani Stedman



Program Integration: 

Learn More About Dani HERE

Auria Faith

Dream Voice Dream Life


Program Integration: 

Learn More About Auria HERE

Katelyn Curran



Program Integration: 

Learn More About Katelyn HERE

As star seeds joining this course, you too will be learning from these celestial guides, each imparting unique lessons and practices to aid in your journey of transformation. Their wisdom, combined with my extensive background in both the scientific and spiritual, ensures a comprehensive and multidimensional approach to personal development.

What’s even more exciting?

A discovery call is absolutely free and can be booked at [this link]. Understanding the importance of this investment, payment plans are available through checkout, with personalized plans created upon request. I also offer scholarship prices for those in marginalized communities, ensuring this journey is accessible to all who are called to it.

This transformative experience, enriched by the wisdom of celestial guides and grounded in both science and spirituality, is yours for $5,000.

Dive deep into the essence of who you are and emerge empowered and aligned.

With Elemental Empowerment Alchemy, you’re not just undergoing a course; you’re embarking on a cosmic journey of self-discovery, guided by the stars themselves.


Elemental Empowerment Alchemy is the culmination of this journey.

A course designed not just from academic knowledge, but from lived experience and deep, personal transformation. It’s for those who seek a path that honors both the logical and the mystical, the scientific and the spiritual.

And now, I'm inviting you to join me.

Whether you're navigating your own unique challenges or simply seeking deeper growth and connection, this course is your gateway to a life of profound transformation.

What’s even better?

A discovery call is absolutely free and can be booked at [this link]. I understand that investing in your growth is a significant decision, which is why payment plans are readily available through checkout. Personalized plans can also be created upon request—just ask! Additionally, I offer scholarship prices for people in marginalized communities, ensuring that this transformative journey is accessible to those who need it most.

This comprehensive, life-changing program is available to you for $5,247.

Remember, your path to empowerment doesn't have to be walked alone.

With Elemental Empowerment Alchemy, you gain not just the wisdom of the elements, but a community and a guide who understands, firsthand, the challenges and triumphs of personal development.

Why now is the perfect time:

The world is shifting, and so is the way we approach personal growth. Elemental Empowerment offers you a timeless yet innovative path to deep, meaningful transformation. This course is available now, and it's the sign you've been waiting for to start your journey.

Don't let another day pass feeling disconnected from your true potential. 

Join us, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.