Remember Who the Fuck You Are Course

🔥 Welcome to this explosive 4-week journey – "Remember Who the Fuck You Are!" 🔥

[ Join me for this course to get clear on just who the fuck you are and learn exercises I have used to help me overcome issues with trauma, love/relationships, advocating for myself, and authenticity. ]

What you'll get:

  • [ Four 30 minute workshops ]
    • Trauma
    • Relationships and Love
    • Advocating for Yourself
    • Authenticity  
  • [ LIFETIME access to the recordings ]
  • [ Activities for during and after the workshop ]

Embark on this transformative odyssey where we’re gonna wrestle with the ghosts of our past, dissect the essence of our connections, declare our worth, and strip down to our most raw and authentic selves!

Here’s the roadmap of our explosive journey:

  • 🌪 Week 1 - Trauma Untangled: We’re diving deep into the shadow realms of our psyche to confront and dismantle the traumas that have shackled our spirits, and we're rising from the ashes, stronger, and more enlightened!

  • ❤️ Week 2 - Relationships, Love & Boundaries: We’re navigating the intricate dance of human connection, exploring the realms of love and defining our boundaries, liberating our hearts and reclaiming our emotional sovereignty!

  • 🗣 Week 3 - The Art of Self-Advocacy: We’re stepping into our power, learning the art of saying ‘No’, voicing our needs, and asserting our worth with uncompromising conviction and boldness!

  • 🌟 Week 4 - Embracing Authenticity: We’re peeling off the layers of societal conditioning and expectation, unveiling our true selves and crafting a life that resonates with our most authentic vibrations!

The Mission? To rip off the masks, to break the chains, to live a life so undeniably ‘us’ that every day is a fucking revelation of who we truly are.

🚀 Let’s embark on this wild journey of self-discovery, transformation, and unabashed authenticity! Welcome to the awakening of your true essence! 🚀

[I understand that Remember Who the Fuck You Are LIVE is a self-development workshop NOT a psychological approach to improving well-being. The practices in this program are designed to help you go deep into your subconscious programming. This may bring light to sensitive or triggering issues that may be personal to you. You are responsible for your own well-being. If you are concerned about this, please do not take Remember Who the Fuck You Are LIVE without a mental health professional, coach, or additional outside support. ]

$324.00 USD