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Hi, I'm Katie Dickieson

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Remember Who the Fuck You Are


This is my Story

I am an individual with a zest for life and a deep passion for weaving together the realms of science, creativity, and personal resilience.

As a licensed hair stylist in two states and a certified holistic nutritionist, I've always believed that the blend of artistry and science can lead to remarkable transformations. My journey began with a foundation in Biological Sciences pre-med, a field that fueled my curiosity for the natural world and human potential. However, my path took an unexpected turn when I pursued a master's in Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University. Here, my fascination with science met my passion for creativity, as I explored the captivating landscape of Mars and the intricate dance between its regolith and plant life. This research wasn't just about Mars; it was a gateway to understanding sustainability, the cosmos, and our place in it.

My life's journey has been as extraordinary as the topics I delve into. Having moved 33 times in 16 years and confronting homelessness twice, I've forged an unshakable bond with resilience and the human spirit's unwavering strength. My diverse experiences led me to embark on a thrilling adventure as an analog astronaut, pushing the boundaries of human exploration in space simulation.

And then there's my upcoming memoir, a reflection of my unique journey titled "Remember Who the Fuck You Are: Who Were You Before the World Told You What to Be." This isn't just a book; it's a testament to the power of embracing our authenticity and navigating life's challenges with unyielding determination.

But my journey doesn't end there. In the digital realm, I'm working on "Wing," a revolutionary dating app aimed at reshaping how connections are made, transcending the ordinary to foster genuine human interactions.

My commitment to authenticity extends to my personal life, where I've embraced my own neurodiversity. Diagnosed as autistic, with ADHD, PMDD, PTSD, and conversion disorder, I've gained profound insights into my own self and the importance of advocating for mental health and the unique beauty of neurodivergent minds.

Gratitude fills my heart for the opportunities that life has bestowed upon me, and I'm poised to continue exploring uncharted horizons, driven by a resolute desire to make a positive impact on our world. I invite you to join me on this incredible journey. Let's connect, share, and explore the extraordinary tapestry of life together.



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